Welcome to the Sunset Destiny cruise ship where Charlotte Mannon (and an occasional helper) plan to bring her five kids together with their forever mates. It’s July 2011 and the Mannons are preparing for the family vacation of a lifetime!

Thomas Paulson and Vanessa Mannon were friends since elementary school. Thomas was the geek who crushed on the beauty and Vanessa was the beauty who cast the geek aside. That is, until one summer afternoon spent in Vanessa’s parents’ pool house, the day before he left for Boot Camp. The feelings Vanessa suddenly had for her friend were strong and troubling, causing her to lash out against him while he was learning to defend his country. The end of college brought a new mindset to Vanessa and she decided to try to get the boy she had loved for longer than even she realized. The matchmaker didn’t think the couple needed too much help, since they were both excited to be reunited when he came home from war, but she didn’t feel bad about giving them that final little push. Can Vanessa and Thomas find their way together? Will he ever truly forgive her betrayal?

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