Welcome to the Sunset Destiny cruise ship where Charlotte Mannon (and an occasional helper) plan to bring her five kids together with their forever mates. It’s July 2011 and the Mannons are preparing for the family vacation of a lifetime!

Samuel West and Abigail Mannon are best friends, co-workers and business partners who have an undeniable attraction to each other. But Abigail is the survivor of a life changing trauma, shut off from the world, except for the window that Sam creates in her life. Sam is patient, curious and undeniably in love with Abigail. The matchmaker knows she needs to do something or her daughter may never truly live again. But unbeknownst to anyone, Sam’s tragic past is irrevocably entwined with Abby’s. When it comes to light, will their past tragedies bind them together or tear them apart?

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