Until Next Time is a book I put together with my favorite blog posts from my mommy blog. It's all about family, disability and dealing with life as a mom. I hope people are entertained and find some insight into life through my stories.  I end each blog with the words "Until Next Time..." So my readers would know that I always think about them and I always strive to give them what they want and need. The blog is no longer being published as a mommy blog but I do still occassionally put out posts under a new title Adventrues of an Author Mom . All old posts are on that blog and ready to be read by a new generation of moms. 

Just remember that I write this in a conversational tone and I don't carry an editor around in my pocket. In the book, all blogs are left as they originally appeared. 


Over the next year I hope to go through all of my blog posts, 189 of them, and publish them in a 2nd edition of Until Next Time! It will be a time consuming job so I am not going to promise any 'date' right now. I do have  more novels to finish for my amazing agent, Keith. I hope you will keep checking back here on the website for updates.