Music is a big part of my writing process. Certain books call for certain kinds of music.  My first YouTube playlist included ballads and 80 's music and I listened to it while creating the Sunset Destiny Series. It included artists like Michael Bolton, Richard Marx, Peter Cetera, Journey, Chicago, Kiss and many others. This is my longest playlist to date. 

The second playlist had a bit of a harder edge to it with 80's Metal/Hair bands. I used this list during the  tail end of the Sunset Destiny Seires and part of the Harper's Rock series. 
The third playlist came in about halfway through the Harper's Rock series and for the Fate's Encore novel. It included a mix of more modern hits and the songs of a Greek rocker who was my muse for Dylan Harper in the series. 
Now my fourth playlist was a little bit different. I listened to these four songs when I wrote Anguish. They are all about that deep, all consuming love that happens once in a lifetime. Since there are only four songs, I also listened to the playlist above. Enjoy!
The  next playlist was just a bunch of random songs, most of which were done within the last five years. I listened to this one while I wrote my first m/m adult romance LETTING GO and the beginning of my second YA novel A PROMISE TO SADIE.
And now we are at my current playlist. I have written parts of A PROMISE TO SADIE, ADELLA'S HEART AND LILY OF THE VALLEY WITH IT.  This doesn't have so much to do with the writing as it does with the music. Right now I am obsessed with the band SKILLET and so I listen to a lot of their songs whether I"m writing or not. I also have LINKIN PARK AND FALL OUT BOY on here as well as a couple of similar themed bands. 
What will come next? You never know, but I see this obsession with SKILLET lasting a while. But I will make sure you are the first to know when I have a new playlist.