Welcome to the Sunset Destiny cruise ship where Charlotte Mannon (and an occasional helper) plan to bring her five kids together with their forever mates. It’s July 2011 and the Mannons are preparing for the family vacation of a lifetime!

Alex Paige and Olivia Mannon fell head over heels in love in college but two short years later, Olivia called things off. She had plans for the future - a house on the golf course, her own restaurant and all of the success she could handle. Alex on the other hand just wanted a woman to love and a place to call home; he valued happiness above success. Three years after the breakup, with both parties living their dream lives but still ultimately unhappy, the matchmakers decide it’s time to get involved. But will the risk pay off? Will Olivia be able to merge her "suite at a five star resort" lifestyle with Alex's "camp outdoors" way of life. Or will they lose each other all over again...this time for good.

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